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BAY-Peace supports and empowers Bay Area youth to confront militarism and other forms of violence through youth organizing and artistic resistance. We are the only group of our kind in the Bay Area to focus on issues of militarism, offering a unique model that brings youth to the forefront of the movement for peace and justice. BAY-Peace cultivates creativity, critical thinking, and understanding among working-class students of color who are the targets of institutions and cultural norms that increase the level of violence in their lives.

We engage youth in positive alternatives that support our communities while calling attention to the impact of having over half of our federal taxes spent on war, and half of our local taxes spent on policing. In addition, our Youth Action Team is getting the word out to young people in Oakland and around the country about their right to opt out of the JAMRS private military recruiting database.

BAY-Peace provides youth-led workshops and trainings to give other young people tools and information to resist militarism and other forms of structural violence including racial profiling, police brutality, gentrification and a wide range of personal issues. We are reaching out to youth all over the Bay Area to organize for better alternatives.

We thank our many individual donors and monthly sustainers for their generous donations. We urge you to visit our donations page if you can make a contribution at this time.


Susan Quinlan—BAY-Peace Coordinator

Susan Quinlan is a life long peace and justice activist who discovered the joy of working with Oakland youth in 1994, and has been involved in youth leadership development ever since. Susan has worked in a number of nonprofit organizations, and as a high school teacher in the Oakland public schools. Valuing the transformative power of community based education, Susan co-founded BAY-Peace and has served as Coordinator on a volunteer basis for the last ten years. It has been her honor to work directly with hundreds of thoughtful and dynamic high school students and young adults, introducing many of them to activism, and learning countless lessons that only youth can teach. Susan is an avid hiker, camper and organic gardener.

Leilani Salvador-Jones—BAY-Peace Liberation Arts Mentor

Leilani Salvador-Jones is a recent graduate of UC Santa Cruz, where she received a double major in Sociology the History of Art and Visual Culture. She performed and produced with the Rainbow Theater Company, and has worked extensively in education and youth arts programs. Leilani brings talent in a wide range of performing arts including Polynesian dance, spoken word, music, choreography and theater. She is also an experienced facilitator, using hip hop pedagogy and social justice theory and practice in her work with youth. Leilani has been doing outdoor sports since she was 5 years old and has a profound appreciation for all the wonders of our natural world.

We are very proud that our three giftedyouth staff are all home grown Oaklanders and have come up through BAY-Peace youth leadership programs since they were in high school.

Willanona Perry—BAY-Peace Youth Organizing Mentor

Willanona Perry has developed extensive experience with outreach and organizing from working with BAY-Peace and studying with Oakland’s School of Unity and Liberation. She is a seasoned Theater of the Oppressed practitioner and spoken word artist, and offers a particular gift of deep listening and empathetic mentoring to youth who are facing violence and hardship. Nona seeks out natural environments as the best place for personal reflection and creative inspiration.

Luis Montoya—BAY-Peace Healing Facilitation Mentor

Luis Montoya joined BAY-Peace as a student at Street Academy in 2008. He is a first­ generation American citizen, born and raised by immigrant parents in Oakland, CA. Luis brings Restorative Justice “Círculo” practices and trains youth to learn the skills of facilitating transformative healing rituals. Luis also runs his own social enterprise video company, Simphony Productions, and brings his extensive digital arts skills to his work with BAY-Peace. Luis’s videos often feature stunning natural outdoor sequences that contrast with the urban scenes that he frequently portrays.

Xirix Bickham — BAY-Peace Youth Arts Facilitator

Xirix Bickham, our Youth Arts Facilitator, is the youngest staff member, yet she is already in her second year co-teaching classes in Oakland high schools. Xirix is an accomplished digital artist, a dynamic hip-hop performer, a knock-your-socks-off spoken word artist and a gifted Theater of the Oppressed practitioner. Xirix loves camping and the outdoors as a place to play with her son, and to inspire her creativity.


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BAY-Peace "Militarism 101" workshop with Urban Peace Movement

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A quick look at the first seven years of BAY-Peace

Our Youth Action Team included Tele'Jon Quinn, Tevin Wilson, Alex Manzanarez, Cherrie Carter, Briana Therman, Willanona Perry and Brian Gil-Rios with Program Leaders Mar Schupp and Tatiana Chaterji, Theater of the Oppressed Trainer John Scott and Coordinator Susan Quinlan.
Our summer team also included Andrelle Russell, Shanique Holmes, Jabari Jones, Noah Kendrix and Alexis Wilson



2011-12 was a great year!
Our Youth Action Team included Lawrence Newsome, Tele'Jon Quinn, Jasmire Gibson, Isaiah Teague, Sy Wilson, Megan Torio, Kendra Ligon, and Guayo Cartagena, with Program Leader Abe Velazquez.

Check out this video "BAY-Peace Recap 2012"  made by Youth Action Team member Megan Mansalas Torio:

The 2010-11 Youth Action Team included returning members, Luis, Egypt, Sokthy and Aracely, as well as Guayo. Tele'Jon, Hector, Kadeem, Kenan, Kenny, Brian, Jabari, and Mario. Phuong and Susan were on staff.  Some highlights included presenting a skit about protecting student privacy from the JAMRS military recruting database at high school assemblies along with our video "The List." Students in the BAY-Peace class at Oakland Emiliano Zapata Street Academy conducted a year-long service learning project that allowed them to experience first hand the work of organizations that are struggling to meet human needs while so much of our resources are spent waging war. They produced an amazing music video called the BAY-Peace Anthem set to an original score by Luis.


In 2009-10 marked our Youth Manifesto Campaign victory when the Oakland Unified School District adopted our Student Privacy policy. (Read more about the Youth Manifesto Campaign and JAMRS here.) We also created two award wining videos; "No We Can't" (in cooperation with AFSC) about the high cost of military spending, and "The List" (in cooperation with The Factory) about the JAMRS military recruting database. Team members included Stephanie, Elena, Sokthy, Luis, Evaristo, Manuel, Italia, Junior, EiEi, Alba, Adam, Olivia and Aaron. Pablo (c/o American Friends Service Committee) and Susan were on staff.


In 2008-9 the Youth Action Team continued to organize the Youth Manifesto Campaingn, offered truth in recruting workshops in schools and community organizations, and created a Youth Manifesto video. We also organized a summer Road Trip to bring a bus load of young people to participate in "It's Your World—Change it!" a National Counter Recruitment Conference in Chicago. Team members included Stephanie, Elena, José, Xavier, Abraham, Eric, Arwa, Aaron, Juan and Luis. Pablo (c/o American Friends Service Committee) and Susan were on staff.


BAY-Peace became an independent organization in 2007-8 and began to host internships through Met West and June Jordan High Schools, as well as Youth Employment Partnership and the Metta Center for Nonviolence.  We kicked off the Youth Manifesto Campaign and organized the "Beyond the Recruiter Boot Camp Tour" for youth who were considering enlisting inthe military.  Team members included Amy, Stephanie, Ezekiel, Josh, Chalontae, Portia, Eric and Kay. Pablo (c/o American Friends Service Committee) and Susan were on staff.


The Youth Action Team started as a project of Alternatives to War through Education, as part of the Central Committee for Conscientious Objection.  Team members, together with military veteran presenters, led truth in recruiting workshops and spoke at rallies and community events bringing the targetting of youth of color by aggressive military recruiters to thousands of Bay Area youth. Team members included Escentio, Elihu, Jacquieta, Eric, Ruby, Lizzy, Aurora, Samora, Agnes, Latysha and Carrie. Tasha and Susan were on staff.


The Youth Action Team began with a group of three interns from the Youth Empowerment School—Ruby, Zamil and Kahlif. They developed truth in recruiting curriculum, made countless presentations together with military veterans, and helped to organize the On the Frontlines: Options for Youth in Times of War conference at UC Berkeley as part of the Military Out of Our Schools-Bay Area coalition. Their summer internship developed into a year-long after school class for students at Youth Empowerment School and the East Oakland Community School.