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New KDOL Video about BAY-Peace

"BAY-Peace Recap 2012"
Made by Youth Action Team member Megan Mansalas Torio
for her final Exhibition at Met West High School.  Note that there
is a silent section in the middle so that she could explain something.
Don't go away! The end is worth waiting for!


"Train of Thought" — Poetry in Action
Senior Project by Tele'Jon Quinn

PLAY VIDEO  Tele'Jon Quinn, together with Christsna Sot, Brian Piera and Megan Torio, shared their original poetry on the BART trains in an effort to raise consciousness about the issue of youth homicides—particularly those being carried out by professional and vigilante law enforcement officers. Tele'Jon Quinn is a member of the BAY-Peace Youth Action Team and is a Senior at Met West High School, graduating in June 2012. He, Megan, Christsna and Brian have all been active with BAY-Peace and participated in the Friday night Lyrical Circle Writers Group at BAY-Peace.

"BAY-Peace Anthem"

PLAY VIDEO  "BAY-Peace Anthem" is a short video created by the BAY-Peace "Cost of War" class at Emiliano Zapata Street Academy last Spring. It is set to original music by Luis Montoya, and co-directed by Egypt Claxton. It will be featured at the 2nd Annual If I Had a Trillion Dollars (IHTD) Youth Film Festival this April in Washington D.C.
To see other videos that were selected, click here.
If you had all the power, what would you do with a TRILLION dollars?  State and Federal budget cuts are closing schools, cutting Pell Grants, healthcare, and other programs that are crucial for young people and our communities – and yet they usually aren’t a part of the conversation.

"What Does Peace Mean to You?"

We won a video contest sponsored by the Iraqi and American Reconciliation Project on the topic of "What does Peace mean to you, and how do we get there?"

In Iraq, Afghanistan and Oakland, our message is Peace! If the BAY-Peace Youth Action Team can create this video with a cell phone, just think of what we'll be able do with our new Flip Cam! Thank you Iraqi and American Reconciliation Project!

"BAY-Peace Youth Manifesto"

Here is a video that we made a couple years ago, in collaboration with proj-ectPRO:JECT to promote our Youth Manifesto Campaign, followed by links to some others we've got posted on other sites.

"The List"

Two summers ago, members of the Youth Action Team worked with youth from The Factory to create "The List" which we use in high schools to introduce the right of students to opt out of the JAMRS military recruting database. The video has been featured in several film festivals with great acclaim!

"If I Had a Trillion Dollars"

Our video "No We Can't—$1 Trillion and Counting," made in cooperation with the American Friends Service Committee, placed third in a national youth video contest titled "If I Had a Trillion Dollars" which is now in it's second year. It highlights the education, health care and housing problems that could be solved if the US stopped spending $1 Trillion a year on war.

"Young People United Against Militarism & Violence"

Several years ago, when the Youth Action Team was part of Alternatives to War through Education, we collaborated with Art in Action to create a series of digital stories called "Young People United Against Militarism and Violence."








2011-12 has been a great year!
Our Youth Action Team  this year included Lawrence Newsome, Tele'Jon Quinn, Jasmire Gibson, Isaiah Teague, Sy Wilson, Megan Torio, Kendra Ligon, and Guayo Cartagena, with Program Leader Abe Velazquez. Megan did a great job of capturing some special moments in this video. Thanks Megan!